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Back in my university days, I had a few buddies who shared one thing in common – they were left-handed, and uttered one common complaint – that there were few to no products on the market catering to lefties, making them feel underprivileged, compared to, uh, me, who was and still is a rightie. Lefties make up about 10% of the population – a socio-economic force to reckon with. So one evening, in a party, one of them came up with a brilliant idea – to create a company called Left Out, Inc. Unfortunately, he was a bit inebriated; when he sobered up, the idea was forgotten.
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Some vegan celebs

But it lingered in the back of my mind, and now it has re-emerged with a new focus – VEGANs. If you think that lefties are few, vegans are even fewer, comprising only 0.5% of the population, or about 1.6 million in total (with vegetarians about 3X that). But if all vegans converge upon a gorgeous place somewhere and create a city named Compassion, then the vegan city of Compassion would have a population of 1.6 million. Plus, vegan population numbers has been steadily on the increase in recent years to the point of having become so mainstream the word “vegan” flows naturally from CNN. Now tell me that is not a force to reckon with.

If you have traveled by road from coast to coast as many times as I have, and if you were a vegan, you would have found that vegan restaurants are not only few and far between, but nonexistent in some red states, where the best available would be “vegan options” in non-vegan restaurants like IHOP or Danny’s. I can imagine all restaurants in Compassion being vegan, some with “non-vegan options” out of courtesy to visitors. I would seriously consider building Compassion in case of SHTF, maybe somewhere near Bellingham, Washington state. Vegans from the east coast may have to walk there, through very hazardous and life-threatening conditions. But under those circumstances, I would rather walk than sit. At least walking would carry a purpose. 

Anyway, I’ve digressed. What I was going to say is that I will offer to vegans a list of top vegan-friendly products currently on the market, which is actually quite diverse and numerous, so much so that, I will just list those over $40. This list will be updated regularly, and can be seen under the [Vegan-friendly products] category on the right side bar. Please do visit often and happy shopping.

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