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Vegan stickers

Vegan stickers on my brave friend Ann Leitgeb-Green’s car, with John Green and Shannon Wright.

















A “Vegan” is not an alien from the star Vega, but a peace-loving Earthling living the compassionate and sustainable vegan way of life. As with most communities, the vegan community has its 1% and its 99%. “99%” has two meanings: 1. quantitatively in terms of population, and 2. qualitatively referring to the number one question the 1% loves to ask the 99%: “How vegan are you?” A pragmatic 99%er would say “I am 99% vegan”, because practically speaking, there is no way in this highly synthetic society to attain 100% purity as a vegan. If you just drive on pavement you are not 100%-vegan, because asphalt contains animal ingredients. The 1% spend 99% of their energy trying to attain 100%-purity, and feel holier-than-thou about it, while the 99% spend 99% of their energy in helping heal the planet – this is the main difference.

iHow vegan is your state - based upon the number of vegan restaurants per million

iHow vegan is your state – based upon the number of vegan restaurants per million

Vegans are not distributed evenly across the land, but they total 2-3% of the US population, translating to about 6-10 million vegans in America. If they unify into a single force, they’d be spiritually a bright guiding light, and economically a major player. Of course as consumers they have diverse needs and wants and interests like everyone else, but they all want one thing in common – vegan-friendly products, which therefore has 6-10 million potential customers.

Growth-trend-wise veganism is on the rise. One thing Shannon Wright observes during our Honeymoon of HOPE tour is that the word “vegan” has gone mainstream. Investment’s golden rule says: “Know when the where the next hot market will be, and be there before it happens,” in which case vegan-friendly products are where it’s at.


May those who create and promote and invest in vegan-friendly products and services blossom and prosper.

Vegan trend

Vegan trend




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  1. Great post, I had no idea that there were that many vegans in the US. Plus I never knew that about asphalt, I will use that to remind my friend. None of us our 100% but as long as we keep trying, then collectively it makes a huge difference, especially to global warming and greenhouse gases.

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