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There is a monstrous killer heatwave covering the city for the last two days. “115 in the shade, but there is no shade”, says the weatherman. The A/C’s been cranked up to 10, but the thermostat just can’t make it back down below 90. The ceiling fan is spinning to the max, but can’t cool you due to the humidity. You open the fridge to get some cold OJ, and just when the door is open, the light inside blinks out. You curse, close the fridge door to keep the OJ cool, but notice that all the other lights had gone off as well. You curse again, grope for the flashlight to go down to the circuit breaker in the basement, and then notice that your neighborhood has gone dark as well. Not only the house lights, but even the street lights; just the momentary headlights of a car.  And not just the neighborhood either, but across the river to the other side.

Your son Jamie, age 10, emerges from the basement recroom, looks out the window and says, “Has the entire city blown a fuse, dad?”

“Well put. That’s exactly what it is.”

“Second blackout of the day. Is this gonna be the way of the future?” he half asks, half states.

“I guess we’re experiencing a rolling brown-out, so they call it. Yup, just when we need it most, we can’t have it. ”

“Hey look dad, the lights of the Samuelson house are still on.”

“Oh yeah. They must have an emergency generator. I should see about getting one tomorrow.”

“That’d help, dad, but I know the Samuelson kid. He was telling everyone in class about his dad installing solar panels on their roof last month. He, his dad I mean, believes in global warming. I know it’s a Chinese hoax and all, but gotta say that solar roof is a good thing to have right about now.”

What this story tells me is that between an emergency generator and a solar roof, I’d choose the solar roof every time, because with it, you won’t need an emergency generator. The moral of the story is that solar and wind devices are off grid and are independent of the failings of the grid. Nor do they contribute to the causes of those failings. Those A/Cs hooked up to solar or wind systems big and small are not adding their own burden to the grid nor i to the blackouts, Nor will they quit on you when you need them most.

To answer this present and future need will begin selling its own Earth Healer brand of solar panel systems, portable solar chargers for cell phones and camping, mini-wind-turbines for homes, home wind generators, vertical axis wind turbines, hydroponic greenhouse systems, even geodesic dome greenhouses.

vertical axis wind turbines

vertical axis wind turbines

A certain internet marketing guru opined that the top 5 hottest categories on are:

5. sporting goods,

4. hardware and tools,

3. household organizing products,

2. baby/pet-care products, and

1. green tech energy solutions.

Right on! Poll-sitting, right up my alley, and in the nick of time!

Portable solar chargers for laptops

Portable solar chargers for laptops

My interest in alternative and renewable energy solutions budded when I was working in and round India’s Kanha and Bandhavgarh national parks. One of my main challenges was to introduce solar technology to the villages in the buffer zones surrounding these two tiger reserves where wood poaching and deforestation were rampant. The purpose was to replace wood with solar as a heat source. I also attended and spoke at a 140-nation international environmental conference in Tilonia, Rajasthan, India, and they were experiment-ing with biogas (methane from cattle droppings) as alter-native fuel. That was back in the 1990s.

Geodesic domes make great 3D multi-leveled greenhouses.



Today, of course the need to convert from brown to green is greater and more urgent than ever. The time for green tech has come; the timing is right. Now there is a difference between a country like China, where green tech development, especially solar, is gaining by leaps and bounds, and the US, where the drive for more oil, gas and coal has sapped much energy from solar and wind, no pun intended. The difference is also that the central Chinese government could make a drastic and sweeping plan country-wide, and big changes on a vast scale could occur overnight, whereas, in a less centralized system like the US, it would be up to the people to each make their own change, if any, and if there aren’t any changes by others to the contrary. Don’t look around. We are the people, and we have to change.

I’ve been fascinated, separately, by two different, apparently unrelated categories of products – the greenhouse types and the geodesic dome, and now see much promise in combining them into one – the geodesic 3-D Greenhouse. Geodesic domes are cheap, fast and easy to build, dismantle and relocate, have more wind resistance than square build-ings, and are by definition 3-D. I can easily envision creat-ing a 3D greenhouse out of a geodesic dome, with multi-tiered arrangements involving hydro-ponics and aqua-ponics, with gravity-fed irrigation. It can also make a warm and cozy “winter gazebo”. I’ve also entertained the idea of the “multi-tiered vertical greenhouse” for northern climes where solar rays come in more horizontally than down south, and for households with little or no land for a large horizontal greenhouse or garden.

This Green-tech products category has 3 sub-categories: Solar-power products, Wind-power products and other enviro products.

Any product promoted in this site satisfies the following 7 criteria, as personally evaluated by Anthony Marr via direct use or customer feedback:

1. environmental soundness;

2. has at least a 4-star rating;

3. has garnered at least 10 customer ratings (unless highly innovative and hot off the factory),

4. has more features than its direct competitors,

5. is lower-priced than comparable models,

6. has free and fast shipping (1-3 days)

7. that he would personally buy it if he needs one.

The chosen products are sequenced according to price, from low to high.

In we will put emphasis on revolutionary concepts and bold innovations, and new state-of-the-art solar, wind, greenhouse products and solutions. This means that this site itself will be constantly evolving, so please revisit often!

Happy, wise and conscientious shopping!


4 Replies to “Green tech products & solutions”

  1. Hi Anthony,
    Love the message and would love to see more solar energy solutions out there. I’ve noticed more houses installing the panels, but wasn’t aware of the smaller greenhouses. What kind of smaller tactics can I employ if not ready to do the solar panels on the roof yet?
    Thank you for the informative post.

    1. Hi Jackie, found it. Staring me in the face all along. Happens all the time. 🙂 If you are not ready for a solar roof, the next best thing, and it is not bad, is to buy small chargers catering to specific appliances, e.g. the small chargers for cell-phones in my post. I have restricted the price bracket between $20 and $40 in the post. If you want to go higher, then we can talk about solarizing your A/C, especially if you live the the south. You could probably put together a solar charging system supporting a 1000 watt window mounted A/C or portable A/C for maybe $1500, the A/C included. It particularly makes sense to combine the solar charger with the A/C because in mid-day when it is hottest, everybody crank up their A/C to 10, often leading to a blackout, and no A/C. A solar A/C charger at home is of grid, thus unaffected by the grid load. On the contrary, when the day is at its hottest, when the city blows a fuse, and everyone’s A/C konks out, your solar charger will be working at peak efficiency to drive your A/C to the max. Furthermore, the power it will save in the long run will pay for the chargers before long. Finally, I have mentioned situations of natural disasters like hurricane Irma, where the benefits of solar is obvious. Great to make your acquaintance, Jackie. Keep in touch! – Anthony

  2. Indeed, it is high time that we harness the power of mother nature and stop using the dwindling resources of fuel, which even create unhealthy levels of pollution. Solar and Wind energy gt to be the way for future, even on an individual level.

    1. I’m glad that both China and India are big on solar and wind. And you are right about the individual level. Especially in a democratic country, the individual makes all the difference. – Anthony

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