Anthony Marr‘s non-profit group is Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE, 1999). It stands to reason that his non-profit/for-profit hybrid site would be called Earth-Healer.net.

The dual strategy of Earth-Healer is to maintain Anthony Marr‘s well followed and read HOPE Blog, which is 100% non-profit, and to raise funds by marketing Earth-healing products, mostly in Amazon.com where his own books are listed.

The first step in the for-profit endeavor is to choose Earth-Healer’s natural niche, its own tributary in the vast “Amazon-basin” as it were. One online marketing guru estimates the top 5 categories of all Amazon products to be: #5. sporting goods, #4. hardware and tools, #3. organizational instruments, #2. baby and pet items, and #1. (drum roll) Green Tech Energy Solutions! Who are we to disagree, especially when #1 is so dear and close to our hearts?

So, what in this site should green tech energy solutions include? There will be several sub-categories:

  1. Solar energy technology – including solar panel systems, solar panel for homes, solar panel prices, solar panel information, solar battery chargers, solar cell-phone chargers, folding solar chargers, garden solar lights, outdoor solar lights, solar car chargers, camping solar chargers, best portable solar chargers…
  2. Wind energy technology –  including small wind turbines, home wind turbines, vertical wind turbines, wind generators…
  3. Greenhouse technology – including conventional greenhouses, vertical greenhouses, hydroponic greenhouse systems, greenhouse technology innovations, and of course the greenhouse effect!
  4. Green living – It is a whole new, rapidly evolving market out there, of vegan foods, vegan cookbooks, vegan attire, vegan footwear, vegan handbags, vegan women’s shoes, vegan-friendly products, healing essential oils, off-grid living equipment, revolutionary lifestyles.
  5. Green tech in general – including the latest green technology news, the best and newest green technology products, green tech breakthroughs, the green tech stock trends, and the most competent green tech services.
  6. Baby/Animal care products – including animal health care products and holistic animal care systems including the application of the essential oils.

Anthony Marr has a physics degree and may create some revolutionary green tech products of his own. All products listed in this site have been seriously scrutinized and personally tested whenever feasible, Therefore, he personally owns many of the products listed in this site, and will contribute his own first hand observations and critiques of them.

The world is changing fast, and so will be Earth-Healer.net, in which there is no end to new information and amazing innovations, and best of all, the Meaning of Life according to Anthony Marr! So please do come back and visit often. Comments are always welcome, and some will forever be cherished.

All the best.

Anthony Marr & Shannon Wright