About Anthony Marr, the “Tiger Man”

Anthony Marr, Tiger Man

Anthony Marr, Tiger Man

Anthony Marr is best known probably for his work at and near India’s Kanha and Banhavgarh tiger reserves to help save the critically endangered Bengal tiger and its dwindling habitat, for which he was honored as the Champion of the Bengal Tiger in the award-winning 5-season TV series Champions of the Wild air on Discovery Channel and Animal Planet in 20 countries worldwide. His close friends fondly call him the “Tiger Man“.

Following is part 1 of 2 of the Champion of the Bengal Tiger episode of  the 5-season TV series Champions of the Wild. This Part 1 will lead you to Part 2. It is the award-winning episode of the entire series, which is available online.

Anthony Marr has a degree in physics, worked as a field geophysicist and an environmental technologist, and accumulated 7 years’ experience in real estate. As of the mid-90s, he became a full time advocate for animal rights and animal welfare, and for the environment especially regarding climate change, culminating in his winning not one but two awards in 2010 (see the plaque on the front cover and the quote on the back cover of his 4th and autobiographical book BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

Anthony Marr's 4th book BEAUTIFUL LIFE (2016)

Anthony Marr’s 4th book BEAUTIFUL LIFE (2016). The back cover features the highlights of his work.

Back cover of BEAUTIFUL LIFE

Back cover of Anthony Marr’s 4th book BEAUTIFUL LIFE (2016)


Anthony Marr’s first book, OMNI-SCIENCE and the Human Destiny won a large number of glowing accolades from high academia in his 5-university lecture tour of 1987. Following are some excerpts from two of the 5 universities:

OMNI-SCIENCE by Anthony Marr

[OMNI-SCIENCE and the Human Destiny] by Anthony Marr, 2003

Stanford University

Geology, Dr. W.R. Evitt:  “… sincerity, imagination, intellectualism and scholarship… an immensely logical construct… meticulously thought out… majestic in scope but intrinsically simple, satisfying and optimistic… should have a very broad appeal… these are important ideas with great potential for lessening the conflicts in a troubled world…”

Sociology, Dr. Alex Inkeles:  “… impressed me not only with the quality of his presentation, but also the quality of his thinking… authoritative… exceptionally comprehensive…”

Philosophy, Dr. John Dupre:  “… extremely intriguing and provocative… incomparably more edifying than the vast majority of such attempts…”

Anthropology, Dr. John W. Rick:  “… very thought provoking… clearly deserves extensive discussion… a serious, well-founded vision…”

Physics, Dr. Leonard Susskind:  “… I found myself stimulated, educated… worth listening to, even for those of us who are not of the same philosophical bent…”

Philosophy, Dr. John Bogart:  “… compelling… have moral import…”

Applied Physics and Astrophysics, Dr. Vahe Petrosian:  “… elaborate… clearly well thought out and researched… fascinating… a very ambitious task… a beautiful synthesis… captivating… should be of interest not only to experts but to all thinking people of the world…”

University of California @ Berkeley

Anthropology, Dr. Tim White:  “… Anthony Marr’s OMNI-SCIENCE is formidable…

Astronomy and Physics, Dr. Marc Davis:  “… a forward looking moral framework… an important contribution to society…”

Paleontology, Dr. Carole S. Hickman:  “… an extraordinary intellectual undertaking… unique… intellectually and aesthetically stimulating… a bold and eclectic piece of scholarship… exceptional… a delight… optimism, concern and compassion for humanity…”

Botany, Dr. Herbert G. Baker:  “… extremely interesting… an important contribution towards understanding cosmology.”

Paleontology, Dr. Donald E. Savage:  “… powerful… erudite synthesis…”

Zoology, Dr. Richard C. Strohman:  “… original… a thoroughly logical system… might indeed fill a large gap in the way we think…”

Biology, Dr. Richard W. Holms:  “… a remarkable broad perspective… great depth… truly deserves the name OMNI-SCIENCE…”

Institute of Human Origins, Dr. William H. Kimbel, President:  “… a profound contribution to the fundamental definition of humankind in relation to the broader universe… unifies the fragmented Western scientific disciplines… implications of great depth and breadth for the future course of human actions… too important to ignore.”

Anthony Marr’s 2nd book (2008) above, his 3rd book (2016) below.


Last but not least, Anthony Marr is also a sought after public speaker who has conducted 8 continental speaking tours, covering 30-42 states over 4-7 months each, every one looking something like this (see map below) – numerous destinations unified by the journey propelled the purpose. The 8th and most recent one was co-conducted with his new wife (since April 2 @ Lake Tahoe) Shannon Wright, with whom life’s journey continues.

CARE-8 tour map (2017)

CARE-8 tour map (2017)


























16 Replies to “About Anthony Marr, the “Tiger Man””

  1. What an amazing man doing fantastic work. As recently as only a few decades ago, Koh Lanta was home to the rare Malayan Tiger. It’s hard to imagine them being here now with all the tourists we have here. Such a shame that they have disappeared, although I can imagine it would have been quite alarming having them on a small island. If only Koh Lanta had had someone like Anthony Marr protecting its tigers. A truly inspirational man.

    1. Hi Lanta, thank you for the feedback. I suppose the Malayan Tiger you mentioned is the Sumatran Tiger? or the IndoChinese Tiger? I know that the Javan Tiger is long gone. If there is any questions, or more info to share with me, please feel free to contact. Take care. – Anthony

    2. Hi Lanta, I reviewed the file and found out that the one you commented on had been replaced by a new one with more info, pics and a video. You are more than welcome to peruse the new one: http://www.Earth-Healer.net. Thanks again! – Anthony

  2. Hello Anthony,
    I love animals and I repulse all hunters. Your mission is to save the maximum number of Bengal tigers that exist especially in India. I also find it fantastic to preserve its natural environment. The man, in this case, has caused many ecological disasters such as the felling of native trees. I hope you never stop fighting for these animals that are in serious danger of extinction. From Argentina all my strength. Regards!

    1. Thank you! And great to hear from someone in Argentina! I was playing [Don’t Cry For Me Argentina] on my keyboard just yesterday. Keep up your good work too. One question: What is the most urgent wildlife problem in Argentina? – Best regards! – Anthony

  3. Good evening Anthony and Shannon,

    I find the title of your website so good. I know that we as the human race do have the possibility to take care of Mother Earth. She provides for all our needs. But sadly, when one looks around, one sees destruction in all its forms. Fauna and Flora species are disappearing at an alarming rate, mostly our fault. I enjoyed the Tiger video, I am a cat fan, they are small tigers after all. I live in Spain and here we have the Iberian Lynx, also a beautiful animal belonging to the big cat family. I hope people will come to their senses before it is too late.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Thank you, Taetske! We do have the responsibility. I love the Iberian Lynx, the Spanish Ibex,the horses of the Camargue…  From Canada to Spain with love! – Anthony

  4. Good afternoon Anthony,

    Thank you for your reply to my comment.
    I write about similar things as I am really worried about the direction the human race has taken. Too often it is negative news. Often it is greed, stupidity or ignorance which causes pollution and destruction of our habitat. Seldom there is good news but now and then a small ray of light comes up. I discovered one a short time ago reading Share International. An article on drawdown.org, perhaps you have heard about it.

    Regards, Taetske

  5. Hey Anthony,
    Your work is fascinating. And very inspirational too.
    I really hate hunters of animals. I like the fact that you have made it your mission to save the Bengal tigers especially in India. It’s also important to preserve it’s habitat. Pollution and cutting trees are all an act of irresponsible people. And now those animals are in serious danger of extinction. Keep going with your work. Greeting from Albania. Cheers!

    1. Hey Dreamgirl,

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Looks like you’ve done your own research and thinking already. I did my tiger work in India back in the 90s. Since then, lots of things have changed, and usually not for the better, foremost being global warming and climate change, which, at the rate it is going, will driving not a few, but hundreds of thousands of species to extinction, including the major mammals, terrestrial and marine, the tiger and dolphins included, and the birds… I used to try to save one species at a time, but this won’t cut it, because if one species goes extinct, hundreds of other associated species will along with it. Nowadays, when I give a talk, I sometimes start with “I used to try to save one species at a time, but now, we have to try to save a million species at a time.” Good luck to us all.


  6. Hi Anthony,
    If I say your bio is impressive, that would be an understatement. I am in awe of your work and your accomplishments. Also, being an Indian, I sincerely thank you for your efforts towards saving the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. You are doing such an inspiring work for animal rights.
    God bless!

    1. Thank you, Ashish! I love India and the Indian people. One of my best friends, Dr. Faiyaz Khudsar, is an Indian, in New Delhi. If you are interested in my work in India, and elsewhere, check out my first book [OMNI-SCIENCE and the Human Destiny]. Its background story is my third trip to India in 1999 (available @ Amazon). Faiyaz is in there big time as my colleague. Please take care and stay in touch. – Anthony

  7. This is truly inspirational. You’ve really done an amazing job, and one that is hard to forget.

    I’ve been very interested in the White Tiger, which I thought was also referred to as the Bengal tiger. I hope I’m not wrong.

    It is such a shame that over the past couple of centuries, the number of White Tiger has in the wild started dwindling due to trophy hunting or capture for people who like exotic pets. I remember this caught my attention while watching a documentary on National Geographic, and it’s really amazing that there are people out there who care about conserving and preserving wildlife.

    It would be an honor to read your work. I suppose your books are all available on Amazon?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Princila! Partly because of our work, with the cooperation of the villagers, we are seeing some results. Tiger population numbers in India seem to be holding steady, but I have no doubt that wild lands without tigers continue being decimated. So, the work has to carry on and expand. 

      About white tigers, actually, almost all wild tigers, regardless of subspecies, are orange-brown with white markings, very seldom completely white. I have never seen a white tiger in the wild myself, and neither have I heard any folk-lore about them. If really a white one is born, because it is so poorly camouflaged, it would have little chance of survival. White tigers are usually deliberately bred in captivity for show purposes. the white-gene is recessive, so they have to inbred them to bring the color out, but along with it would come a few genetic defects. I think tigers of both colors are beautiful. I’ve also seen pure white lions. Ultra magnificent. But then again, I’ve never seen a white lion in the wild either. 

      Thanks again for the comment. Take care!


  8. Very impressive. You have been very busy in life. You sure do a lot of traveling. I want to read your fourth book, “Beautiful Life.” After that I will read your first three. I believe this will motivate me and show me what one person can do to make a change.
    I do hate that there are so many endangered species being threatened by mankind. With tigers, do you think the major cause of extinction is due to; hunting, ecosystem, climate, or something else? I know once I read your books that I will find out, but I guess I am not patient enough.

    1. Thank you, Mike, for the great comment, and also for wanting to read my books. I can understand why you’d want to read BEAUTIFUL LIFE first. A bit of a problem. The book is not on the market yet., so its not on Amazon. I do have a PDF (e-book) of it containing over 300 original pictures. I could send it to you by email, if you like. – Anthony

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